Fragile is a book about the many ways of thinking that hold us in bondage. If not changed and molded, these thoughts can create feelings that overtake our lives. In fact, letting those feelings run unbridled can bring our brilliant destinies to a halt.

Fear Rejection Anxiety Guilt Intimidation Lies Excuses
F. R. A. G. I. L. E.

This book is about finding freedom — the freedom to pursue a destiny, discover true contentment, and walk in happiness. You will learn how to live above the control and restrictions of fragile thoughts. Each chapter defines and exposes the falsehoods of wrong beliefs and fragile feelings, establishing biblical truth that sets us free.



In a moment, I understood that these seven factors affect us all, withholding the richness life has to offer. God does not withhold anything; rather, our reactions to these seven things are the culprits. As the years went by, I noticed that every one of these feelings has caused me to react in a certain way. Their negative influence affects our judgment and decision-making processes. They become ingrained in us and change who we really are. Their seemingly invisible strength stops us from accomplishing the very things we were created to accomplish.

—excerpt from Fragile

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  1. Scotty Haxby

    I never thought of that before; your point of view is mind-stimulating.

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