The Beginning of the End of the Devil


Overpowering the Enemy’s Tactics.

About The Beginning of the End of the Devil:

Does the devil exist? Does he have any strength? If so, where can we expect him to show up? Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I have so many barriers and obstacles in my life?” The Beginning of The End of The Devil answers these questions.

This enlightening book gives readers an insightful look into the spirit which we call the devil. In it, the author defines the devil, gets to the bottom of his tactics, and reveals his future. Learn the truth about the devil and discover that his only influence is the power of suggestion.


This book is a reality check into the existence of the ruler of darkness. Even though Jesus Himself has warned us of his existence, believers and unbelievers alike have been complacent—complacent in recognizing him and taking authority over him. Today we have generations of people who are unsure whether the devil even exists. This uncertainty has given him unprecedented access into people’s lives and the affairs of the world.
The devil’s favorite attacks are personal, which he hopes will produce a domino effect. In ministry, it has saddened me to see so many people living frustrated lives. People are unaware that the devil is controlling, or at the very least attempting to influence, their lives.

– excerpt from The Beginning of the End of the Devil

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